There isn't bigger happiness in life than when you bring home this tiny fluffy baby... You're watching him grow, teaching him and learning so much from him.. You see how this awkward chubby puppy becomes beautiful and smart dog. You enjoy every minute he spends with you, so faithful, so loving. And there isn't a bigger tragedy than when you start to remark grey hair on that adorable face, how he slowly fades away...  They leave us so early, but there is nothing we can do... Archi , George, Ricky, we still love you and remember you and we're trying to find some of your features in every new puppy we bring in our... your home. Life keeps going.

Thank you for being with us and for everything you've done for us!


Archi Olbourd (1994-2003) & Gek

George v.d. Katzenstiegfluh
INT, CH Russian, Belorus, Latvian, Lithuanien, Estonian, Baltic CH, Baltik Winner-2002, Europe Vice-Champion-2003, 4th - Europe 2002

Riccarron Jerry Cotton

INT, JCH Russian, Moldovian, CH Russian, Finland, Roumanian, Estonian, Lithuanian